Finding a new home can be difficult enough but it may be even more of a challenge if you have a family. What is OK for a single person, or a couple without children won’t necessarily be right for a family with young children. The safety of the neighborhood, the rank of the schools in the area and the opportunities for recreation all play a factor in choosing the neighborhood you want your children to grow up in.

At By Carrier we know how important it is to find the right neighborhood for you and your family so we offer come tips that will make choosing the right neighborhood easier.

Safety: Your first concern should be safety. When you go to visit homes in different neighborhoods look for signs that it is a safe area. Are there plenty of street lights and do they work? Are the streets well paved and are there traffic signs where they should be? Are there any areas where there are broken bottles and piles of trash? Are homeless people wandering about? If anything looks sketchy to you make a note of it and express to your realtor that these condition are unacceptable for your family. If you don’t feel safe walking around the neighborhood your kids won’t either.

Schools: Next you want to know the quality of the schools in the district. You can do research online and see where the local schools rank in the state and find out what other parents have to say about the education system. Are the homes you are looking at within walking distance to the school or will your son or daughter need to take a bus? How long is the commute and is the bus stop in a safe place? The neighborhood may be safe but if the bus stop is in a high traffic area this could be a problem.

Parks: It’s important for your kids to get physical exercise and a great way to do that is by playing with friends in a local park. Check with the realtor to find out where the nearest parks are and if they are safe for kids to play in. Ask if there are bike trails, youth sports leagues and a local swimming pool that your child can use when not in school or at home.

If any of your children have disabilities or special needs then you will want to be sure that the community is capable of providing solutions for transportation and other concerns. Finding the right neighborhood can take some time but it is well worth the wait.


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