Chances are you don’t have the free time it takes to do a thorough search for a new home. Most people work full-time jobs and when they do catch a break the last thing they want to do is get buried in all the details of finding and buying a new home. If you are looking to buy a new home in Connecticut you’re going to need an experienced realtor who knows the market and your needs to help you find the home that is right for you. There are plenty of real estate agents available but not all are the right fit for you so follow some helpful tips so you can choose a realtor that will help you find the home you want.

Start with Experience

Investing in a new home is one of the most important financial decisions most people make. Because of this you don’t want to put your nest egg in the hands of someone just starting out. There’s nothing wrong with giving a newcomer a chance but when it comes to buying a new home you want the peace of mind that comes with having a professional and experienced realtor on your side. When you are looking for a realtor to help in buying a new home be sure to ask how long they have been licensed and how long they have been working in the area.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to find the right realtor on the first call or interview. Some buyers are in such a rush they jump at the first offer and this can be a big mistake in the long run. Do some research on your own and find at least three realtors you think are a good match. Schedule a time to meet with each one and prepare a list of questions that will help you determine their experience, knowledge of the market and willingness to listen to your needs. Don’t get discouraged if it takes some time, it’s better to wait and find the right realtor then simply choose one just to get it over with.

Get Referrals

As with any buying decision, it’s always recommended to get referrals. Advertising can be influential but when it comes to trust nothing beats a referral from someone you know. Ask friends and co-workers who have recently purchased a new home who they used and how they found the experience. You can also do some searching online to check the history of a particular realtor and read reviews from clients to get a better idea of their capabilities.

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