A key to living the life you want is finding the right environment for it. Whether you’re an active adult or looking to raise a family, it’s important that you find planned communities and new home construction sites that fit in with your lifestyle. Even the nicest home won’t be very enjoyable if it is in a place you don’t feel comfortable. At By Carrier we know how important it is to be part of a community and we offer some helpful tips that will make finding the right neighborhood easier.

Know your Lifestyle – Instead of forcing a square peg into a round hole, take some time to determine what matters to you in terms of living. Do you prefer quiet tree-lined streets or more active communities? Do you enjoy walking to places or driving? How important is public transportation? The more you know about yourself the easier it will be to size up prospective neighborhoods and determine if they are right for you. Make a list of what you value in a community and then find sites that match for your new home construction.

Visit – Brochures of planned communities and websites of new home sites will always look appealing but until you see first-hand what the neighborhood looks like don’t make any decisions. Nothing beats the real thing and when you spend an afternoon driving around neighborhoods you can see for yourself how safe and quiet it is or if it has elements that will make you think twice. You may also want to park and walk around a bit to get a real feel for the community.

Property Value & Taxes – Buying a new home or having one built will enter you into the world of home values and taxes. When you are considering communities and neighborhoods it is important to know what the value of the homes are, what the property taxes are and if any future development is planned. You will want to know if the property values of other homes in the area have increased or decreased in recent years and if there is an expected tax increase. You should also find out if more new home will be built since expansion can increase taxes and lead to more traffic.

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