Connecticut towns are very popular for new homeowners looking to raise a family. Even for people who have jobs in nearby cities such as Manhattan, the allure of quiet and safe neighborhoods in Connecticut is often enough to make many commute so their families can enjoy the benefits of having the privacy to call their own. Even if you don’t need to find a place on the scenic shoreline to gain access to mass transit to and from New York, there are plenty of neighborhoods and planned communities in Connecticut that are ideal for couples looking to start and raise a family. Finding these properties may not always be easy since you will have your own criteria for what constitutes an ideal location but with a few tips you can make the process a little easier.

What does your Family Need? – Before you can decide on a new home for your family you need to know what it will take to secure a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Every family is unique and each will have their own ideas about what makes for quality living so it helps to know what your family needs to find the peace of mind that is necessary for enjoying your new home. Taking time to speak to your spouse and your kids about what is important for them when it comes to living in a new home will give you some perspective on what a planned community needs to have to make it right for your family.

Schools & Recreation – When you decide to start a family, children will become the focus of your life. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your kids to grow up in is essential for living comfortably and knowing that the community you live in has access to top school systems and plenty of recreational opportunities will make you feel more relaxed with the decision you make. While schools are certainly important you will also want to find a community that offers recreation and after school activities as well. Keeping kids occupied throughout the day is no easy task and it helps to have access to sports leagues and community groups that offer kids exercise and social opportunities.

Being Energy Efficient – Raising a family is making an investment in the next generation. It doesn’t hurt to help the future by being as energy efficient as possible. Energy costs aren’t getting any cheaper and today new families need to be concerned with how much energy they are using and how to be more responsible in a world where energy resources are diminishing. Finding custom homes with energy efficient floor plans and Energy Smart appliances that are environmentally friendly goes a long way in keeping energy costs down and will teach your family the importance and value in going green.

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