Connecticut can produce some very hot and humid summers. Around mid-June and running through October, the Nutmeg State can experience weeks, if not months, of high humidity, temperatures nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit and stifling air that will have homeowners cranking the air conditioners.

People will keep their A/C’s running on high until that first summer utility bill comes. The cost of energy, especially cooling costs, are not going down anytime soon, and if you want to stay cool in the summer without going into debt, consider some helpful tips from By Carrier.

If your home is like most others, everyone has a different idea of what comfort means. For some 68 degrees is ideal (room temperature) while others prefer the temps to be over 70. Giving everyone in your household access to the thermostat will only create arguments. A good idea is to get your family on the same page when it comes to agreeing on what an acceptable temperature is. If four people like the temperature to be 68 and one who wants it at 78 then a simple case of majority rules should handle the situation.

Another problem that occurs with air conditioning is that many people put it on high when they are home and then shut it off when they leave for work or school. This sudden change in the use of energy is what causes costs to spike. Most energy experts agree that keeping your home at a steady temperature is much better than altering the temps at random hours. If possible, find an air conditioner with an energy-saver feature that will click on and off when a set temperature is reached.

Air conditioners are nice and on some days there is no avoiding using it. But don’t forget about using fans and opening windows on mild days. Sometimes the cross breeze created by fans can be enough to cool down the rooms in your home without having to crank up the A/C.


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