When you are scouting locations for your new home in Connecticut there are several factors that will help you determine what area is right for you and your family. Buying a new home is a major financial commitment and you want to be sure that the place you’ve chosen to live is safe, has the amenities you need and can provide the right environment for the lifestyle you choose. At By Carrier we want you to make the best decision possible when choosing a location for a new home in Connecticut so we want to offer a few helpful reminder tips that you should keep in mind.

Learn about the Neighborhood

Rushing into a buying decision is never a good idea. When you set out to purchase a new home you need to be patient with the process and understand that it will take some time to find the right place, get the right price and secure a mortgage. In the meantime, you should take the opportunity to learn all you can about the neighborhood or planned community you are thinking about moving to. Safety is probably a big concern so it helps to know crime statistics for particular towns and to speak to people who live in the area that can tell you firsthand what everyday life is like.


Before you decide on a location for new home construction make sure the area is accessible for your work and travel needs. No one enjoys a long commute to their job and if you choose a planned community that is too far from work or school you may find yourself on the road a lot more than you’d like. Mapping out your work route and popular travel routes to vacation homes or other destinations in advance is a good idea since it will allow you to better plan the location that works best for you.


When you are budgeting for a new home you need to be aware of more than just the home cost. In addition to your mortgage you will also have property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and daily living expenses that need to be factored in to your calculations. Overlooking the costs outside of the home price can be a very expensive error and there’s no reason you should make this mistake if you plan your budget in advance. Buying a new home is a lot more comfortable when you know you can afford it.

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