When you’ve finally made the decision to have your new home custom built it’s time to start interviewing potential builders. At By Carrier we know how exciting and stressful the home building process can be so we want you to be 100% confident in the decision you make. Not having trust in the people responsible for your new home is an unsettling feeling. We can help you avoid this awkward situation by offering some tips about which questions to ask a new home builder that will make your decision easier to make.

Licensed & Insured – Before anything gets done on your new home, make sure the builder is licensed and insured. This may seem obvious but it’s often so obvious people forget to ask. Also, once you get the license number don’t forget to verify that it is legitimate and active. A lot of fly-by-night contractors will hand you documentation but when you go to verify the information you realize it’s fake. Going with a reputable builder that is well known in the community is your best bet. By Carrier has over 40 years experience in Connecticut and can be counted on to be in full compliance with state laws and regulation concerning construction.

How Long Will it Take? – This is another question you should ask a new home builder. Depending on the floor plans, the weather and other factors the time can vary on how soon a custom home is built but the contractor should be able to give you a rough estimate. It is probably easier for the builder to tell you how soon certain stages of the home will be finished, such as the foundation and first floor. Getting a straight answer to this question will give you more confidence in who you are working with. By Carrier works closely with all their clients to ensure the lines of communication are open and that the homeowner is aware of the progress and status of their new custom home.

Design Suggestions – Naturally a custom home will include your input since you are the one it is being built for, but that doesn’t mean the builder shouldn’t come to the table with ideas. While the homeowner knows their needs the home builder knows the floor plans and what is possible so in your conversations with the contractor ask what they would suggest for design ideas. By letting the builder know about your lifestyle and needs they can better advise about what types of designs and layouts will work best. By Carrier offers customers the opportunity to meet with a design specialist to custom design a home that exceeds expectations.

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