bycarrier_blogCouples searching for a new home often have several debates about the amenities they want. A common dilemma is one person wanting more yard, while the other wants more house. Although finding both is possible, a large yard can make a property more expensive, especially in the suburbs.

However, if you don’t have the budget to afford an additional expense, consider the following factors during your search:

Pros of Larger Yards:

Regardless of size, a home surrounded by a larger yard often offers:

  • More privacy from the neighbors: Living too close to other people is often a complaint in cities and newer suburban developments.
  • Seeing and hearing less from your neighbors: If noise and privacy are major concerns, a larger yard lets you keep your distance.
  • Bigger play area: If you’re also looking for a property ideal for your children and pets, a larger yard provides more space to run around and explore the outdoors.
  • Versatility for improvements. Do you have thoughts about adding a backyard porch, patio or shed on your property? More acreage gives you greater space to work with, store supplies and enjoy the scenery. It could also increase your home’s value, should you decide to sell down the road.
  • More space for parties: Do you enjoy hosting large parties with family and friends? Avoid keeping everyone cramped indoors, especially in the summer. The larger grounds give you more space for entertaining.

Drawbacks of Larger Yards:

Despite the benefits, there are several reasons why you may want to steer clear of a large backyard.

  • Unused space: How do you envision yourself spending time outdoors around your home? If you plan to sit on a patio or porch, the surrounding grounds would essentially go unused. When the grass, weeds and shrubs grow, a large yard that goes untouched turns into an expense. If the yard ultimately won’t be used, keep costs in check by going for a property with less acreage.
  • Landscaping costs and yard work: Speaking of maintenance, who is going to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs and weed the grounds? You either need to allot time each week in spring, summer and fall toward maintenance or hire a professional landscaper to mow, replace mulch, water the grounds and keep your trees healthy.
  • Settling for a smaller home: Do you feel as if you’re making too big of a compromise? If you can’t give up a larger home or believe that it’s more essential to your lifestyle, you’ll benefit more from shifting your funds toward the property itself rather than the grounds surrounding it.

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