Owning a home in Connecticut can be a labor of love during the winter. The heavy snow, ice, sleet and wind can cause a number of problems for homeowners and the best way to avoid any inconveniences is to prepare in advance.

From inspecting your roof and gutters to checking the siding and heating systems there are a number of proactive measures you can take to prepare your Connecticut home for the chilly winter months. Here are a few tips for the award winning builders at By Carrier:

Inspect the Roof & Gutters:  The roof and gutters should be your top priority when preparing for winter. Weak roofs and clogged gutters will lead to numerous headaches when the weather changes for the worse. Spending time on a mild afternoon checking the condition of your roof and gutter systems will reveal any defects such as worn shingles, mold, debris clogging the gutter channels and leaks. By addressing these issues now you can avoid major problems when heavy snow and ice fall.

Run the Heating System: A common mistake many homeowners make is not turning the heat on until the temperature is well below freezing. Everyone wants to save on utility costs but when you wait until the very last moment and the temperatures are near 0 you run the risk of having the pipes burst. Pick a day in October or November to turn on the heat and ensure your system is working properly. You don’t want to discover in the middle of January that your heating system needs repair.

Snow & Ice Removal: Before the heavy snow starts to fall, search online for a professional snow plowing and ice removal company. Heavy snow and ice left on roofs, driveways and walkways can become very dangerous and cause sections of the roof to collapse, ice dams in the gutters and treacherous walking and driving conditions. Be safe and have snow and ice removed as quickly as possible to prevent serious damage to your home.

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