Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it is time to start thinking about the fall season. In Connecticut we are sometimes blessed with an Indian summer that can see warm temperatures into October or we can start to get chills in early September. It’s very hard to predict and the best way to approach fall is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The first thing you should do as a homeowner is have your roof and gutters inspected by a professional. Some damage will be obvious to see but there are many other subtle things that most people won’t see and these can turn out to be quite dangerous if not dealt with. Your roof and gutters are protecting your home from rain and snow and if you have any defects with shingles or gutter downspouts you could be in for a messy fall and winter. Have your roof and gutters checked now so you can make the necessary repairs that will keep your home safe.

The next important step will be to check the insulation of your home. Energy prices aren’t going down anytime soon and if you want to keep your heating bills in check, you had better check the status of your windows and doors to ensure neither is letting warm air out. You should also do a check on the siding of your home and look for cracks that may be allowing warm air from inside to leak out. Also look for cracks in walls and ceilings that may be an easy out for warm air. The sooner you take care of these areas the better off you will be when the cold air comes.

A good idea is to check your heating unit before it gets cold. Many people like to wait until the first freezing day but if you do you run the risk of bursting pipes. Rather than hold off on turning the heat on, take some time to give your heating system a run through to ensure it works and get it primed for the cold season. You also don’t want to find out in mid-November that your heating system is broken and needs repairs since this can take a few days and will leave your family in the cold.

Lastly, review your homeowner’s insurance policy with your insurance agent. Fall and winter can bring serious storms and if you are not current with your insurance you may have lapses that will leave you unprotected for certain events. Don’t be caught off guard by sudden accidents, see to it that are covered for what matters most.

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