fireplaceWe’re more than a month into fall, which means winter and the holiday season are right around the corner! The weather is gradually getting colder as colorful leaves fall from the trees. Rakes have come out to make big leaf piles and homeowners are giving their lawns one last mow before snow arrives.

To prepare your home for the upcoming season change, we have some helpful tips!

Heating Inspection

Over the past month, temperatures have been transitioning from warm to cool. Some homeowners have already turned off their air conditioning for the heat.

However, your furnace should be inspected before it’s used regularly. Hire a professional to check your HVAC system for necessary repairs and overall efficiency.

By Carrier homes have programmable thermostats, which allow you to pre-set heating cycles. Programming your thermostat for the upcoming winter season can help save energy and money in the long run.

Chimney Inspection

Before using the fireplace, have it professionally cleaned and inspected. Previous firewood-burning leaves behind creosote, a chemical buildup that could ignite a dangerous blaze.

A professional can also clear out animal nests and other debris, so you can safely enjoy the comforts of your indoor fireplace throughout the winter season.

Clean the Gutters

Autumn leaves look beautiful on the trees, but they can end up in your gutters this time of year. Clogged gutters not only mar the exterior appearance of your home but may also cause major damage. Water from the gutters can overflow, deteriorating the foundation and infiltrating the basement.

To avoid potentially serious injuries, make sure to follow ladder safety rules. If you don’t have someone to hold the ladder in place, it’s best to hire a professional for help.

Drain Exterior Faucets

Undrained water can freeze inside a pipe exposed to cold temperatures. As the ice expands, you risk the pipe bursting and causing serious water damage. Make sure the garden hose is disconnected and the outdoor faucets are drained to prevent this often costly incident.

Put Away Patio Furniture

With temperatures dropping, the time has passed for sunbathing in the yard! If you haven’t already, start putting away patio furniture and outdoor décor that’s not weather-resistant.

Ideally, most of your outdoor furniture should be stored inside come November to prepare for unpredictable New England snow and ice storms.

Keep Pests Out

When you head up to the attic for holiday decorations or to hide presents, check for any openings that could welcome squirrels, birds and other pests to take up residence. Seal the gaps as soon as possible and continue to inspect them. In some cases, professional intervention may be needed.
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