When you are planning a new custom home in Connecticut there are many details to concern yourself with. From energy efficient floor plans to the décor of the bedrooms and bathrooms you will never lack for ideas to consider.

One area that should be on top of your list is the design and look of the entryway. This foyer is the entrance to your home and your lifestyle and needs to be planned carefully to achieve the look and feel that will set the theme for your home.

You will probably want to create a warm and welcoming feel with your entryway and a good way to accomplish this is by using bold colors that have a warm texture. By bold we don’t mean bright, instead look for primary colors that have a subtle shade. When you plan in advance you can ensure that your home entrance isn’t cluttered or closed in. You want this area to be open and comfortable so when people walk in they don’t feel squeezed.

The front door will say a lot about your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional door or a more modern style, make sure it reflects the character of the home. Look for doors that have a unique trim, glass windows and decorative designs to make the entrance to your home a pleasant one. Rich wood colors and brass or silver door knobs and door knockers are great touches that will make anyone feel welcome.

In the foyer you should give serious thought to decorating the walls with choice décor including wall art, mirrors and framed pictures. Be careful in the layout and don’t overdo it, but be selective with artwork and pictures so you have a seamless theme that will prepare guests for the rest of the home. Mirrors are always a good idea for foyers and you can opt for one large mirror or several smaller ones that are arranged in a unique pattern.

Lastly, furnish your entryway with a solid table that can be both functional and fashionable. Having a place to put mail, gloves and handbags is a welcome amenity when arriving home and you can also decorate this table with decorative bowls, candles and seasonal flowers.

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