sprinkler watering yardEvery homeowner has experienced weeds, crab grass and brown patches of lawn. Keeping your property’s landscape healthy and green is not easy – it takes careful and regular maintenance to establish an enviable yard!

If you’re responsible for cutting the grass, keep the following tips in mind for a beautiful yard.

Water the Lawn

To promote growth and keep the grass green, make sure your lawn gets enough water. Most landscape experts agree the best time to water your lawn is early morning.

Watering at night may leave the grass wet for an extended period of time, which can lead to diseases that kill grass. Run the sprinkler a few times per week and aim for prolonged soaks, versus brief sprays.

Eliminate Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds are often unavoidable and you need to be diligent in their removal before seeds spread. This task is best done early in the season, so you can get ahead of the summer weed invasion.

Research safe products that not only kill existing weeds but prevent a next generation from growing.

Know How to Mow

Before you start working on the lawn, make lawn mower service your first priority. Sitting in the garage, unused for months, your mower may have mechanical problems that should be fixed first. This is also a good time to have the mower blades professionally sharpened or replaced, so you get a nice clean cut.

Avoid using a low motor setting that can cut too short and kill the grass blades, as this creates an opportunity for weed growth. A medium or high setting is best to ensure a healthier yard.
A lawn will grow healthy and green, as long as you provide the care it needs! Keep it free of debris and pay close attention to how the yard looks, so you can spot issues early. To learn more about By Carrier’s property management services, contact us today!

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