Because something is new we like to think it will be perfect. However, just because a home has just completed the building process doesn’t necessarily mean it is move-in ready. At By Carrier we take great pride in making sure all of our custom homes are ready when you decide to move in, but we know not every contractor lives up to the same standards.

Here are a few inspection tips to look for when checking on your new home.

Plumbing: You don’t need to be a professional plumber to flush a toilet or turn on a faucet. When you are checking your new home before moving in, make sure the water is running properly. You may see brown or rust colored water at first but this is common and is usually just dirt running through the pipes after construction and will clear up quickly. However, if this continues or you hear clanking and banging sounds, let the contractor know.

Wiring: If you are planning on moving in soon, it’s a good tip to make sure the lights work. Flip on all the light switches and make sure the lighting work in every room. Also look around for any exposed or dangling cables that could be a hazard if not hidden properly. You should also test the electric sockets in all the rooms and make sure each works and that none are acting strange such as shooting sparks.

Flooring: Floors are extremely important to the structure and integrity of your home. When touring the finished home listen for any creaks in the floor and also make note if you feel a section that is warped or seems to slant. This could be a serious problem and will need to be addressed immediately. If your floors are carpeted check the edges and make sure the carpet has been cut off cleanly and no frayed edges are showing.

Windows: Take a close look at the windows and put your hand by the sills. If you feel a breeze coming in that could indicate an insulation problem that will cost you in energy bills in the winter and summer. Also take the time to open and close the windows to ensure all are working properly and make note of any that squeak or don’t shut correctly.

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