Given that you spend approximately one third of your life sleeping, it makes utmost sense to tailor that primary bedroom to your own personal whims and desires.  Sure, a lot of that time is spent eyes-shut and unaware of your surroundings, but aren’t those moments just before nodding off, and as soon as your eyes blink open, some of the most important in terms of your well-being?  You’re going to want the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before your nightly doze to live up to your every expectation, otherwise a fitful night of dissatisfaction almost certainly lies ahead.  Here are some features you might want to consider when designing your primary bedroom that will give you the solace and luxury you deserve. 


Obviously,  you want to invest in a sound mattress, and there are tons of options on the market today, so make sure you choose the features most important to you (like firmness, cooling features, adjustability, hypoallergenic materials, etc.).  And when your tender foot first touches the floor out of that bed, wouldn’t it be lovely for it not to be shocked by the frigid cold that has settled upon it overnight?  heated floor is a coveted luxury, but often times well worth the investment- especially in cold climates.


High ceilings are another desirable feature, giving a room a lofty, airy feel so conducive to a good night’s rest.  Even smaller square footage rooms can benefit from high ceilings, preventing any claustrophobic sensations that might make your bedroom feel cramped and crowded.  They can also allow for a greater light allowance, accommodating floor-to-ceiling windows that stretch towards the firmament.


Speaking of those windows, consider what you would like to look out upon in those same aforementioned moments.  This should be considered in the incipient stages of the  layout of your home construction project, if possible.  If not, work with a trusted landscaper to attain a picturesque view already established from the main bedroom window.  This could include seasonal flowers or plantings, or something eye-catching like a gazebo or water feature. 


And those windows don’t technically have to be windows: a sliding glass door serves the same purpose, and also allows for another wonderful feature for the primary bedroom: outdoor access.  Whether this be onto a patio or garden terrace, an egress into nature can be a lovely amenity.  Even just stepping into fresh air to brush your teeth or marvel at the moon can make your bedroom seem like a vacation suite.


fireplace can also impart that luxury resort feel, especially in colder climates.  It is almost magical the warmth that a burning log radiates, and can really heighten the sense of relaxation… and even romance.  But these days there are electric options as well that generate much less heat, and still give the cozy glow unique to an in-home bonfire, more conducive in hotter climates, which so many of ours are rapidly becoming.


Of course, that cozy glow from the hearth isn’t enough to light the room, and lighting in the bedroom is extra important, both for pre-bedtime reading, morning preparations, and balanced circadian rhythms.  A dimmer is an excellent feature to consider when configuring a lighting installation in your bedroom, and voice activation via a smart home system or alternative is crucial: absolutely no one wants to get out of bed to adjust or shut off the lights.  Having adjustable light levels and positioning in the bedroom is great for both mood and practicality, as well as bedside lighting for reading when a partner might prefer to have already nodded off, or even just setting that alarm clock.


Lastly, who doesn’t aspire towards a spacious walk-in closet?  This is imaginably one of the most obvious luxury features, and includes a share of posterity with it to boot.  Think of your possessions and wardrobe before installing shelving, hanging rods and drawers, as you’ll want to have everything organized in a way that syncs with usage and access.  And not how your designer imagines it, but what makes sense you you, because you’re going to be the one using it.


Ultimately, your primary bedroom should feel, maybe more than any other room in your home, like a haven and a respite from the chaos of the daily life. Implementing these features into your design plan will bring a sense of peace and comfort to you in as you count sheep to usher in sleep, and welcome each brand new day.

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