custom kitchen drawingDuring the pandemic, many families have been spending more time in their kitchens. Rather than going out to eat, meals are being cooked from home or ordered to-go from favorite local restaurants. However, some homeowners don’t have a kitchen that’s well-equipped for this task.

Here are some kitchen must-haves we incorporate into our By Carrier homes.

1. Counter Space

Cooking and baking require a lot of space. Whether it’s chopping, stirring, grinding or peeling, extra counter space can make the job easier. One feature our builders like to include in a custom kitchen layout is an island.

Not only does this provide more workspace, but it also gives your family another area to gather for a meal. Just add counter stools!

2. Proper Lighting

Good lighting can be the key to a functional kitchen. In addition to increased visibility in your cooking space, it also adds a sense of style and beauty if done correctly. To help conserve energy, our homes have large windows to let in natural light during the day!

When it starts to get darker, your kitchen lights come into play. Adding adjustable overhead lights can brighten the room while cooking or set the mood while eating. By Carrier’s builders like to add lighting fixtures above kitchen islands to accomplish just that!

3. Storage Areas

Having enough storage space is a kitchen necessity. We include multiple cabinets and drawers in your home to optimize storage capacity. Cabinets placed above the refrigerator and drawers under your stove can provide the extra room needed to store pots, pans, appliances and other kitchen utensils.

4. New Appliances

The latest and greatest appliances can make using your kitchen more fun, efficient and easy! Ensuring your food won’t spoil in the fridge or your oven won’t undercook meat will help put your mind at ease. By Carrier includes quality appliances in each home we build to give every homeowner a quality kitchen to love.

On top of new stainless steel appliances, our homes are some of the most energy efficient homes in the area! As such, our products and appliances can help you save on energy bills, without sacrificing performance.
Design an ideal kitchen in the home of your dreams! Contact us to learn more about our By Carrier communities today.

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