bycarrier_blogFor many, a custom home in a suburban neighborhood might seem like a dream. You get to build a property to your vision, down to the exact features in every room. However, as the process unfolds, several issues may arise. To avoid finding yourself with a new home that’s not quite what you imagined, consider these seven scenarios.

1. The Buyer Doesn’t Understand the Building Process

Drawing up plans and handing them over to a builder can often result in a house you’re not fully satisfied with in the end. Rather than expecting the builder to read your mind, take an active role in the planning and construction stages to ensure everything is executed the way you want.

2. You Don’t Factor in the Grounds Around the House

You’re not just paying for property – you must buy the land on which the home sits. That cost also includes any preparation work, like removing boulders before construction, which can drive up the overall expense. Additionally, knowing the issues that need to be addressed every step of the way gives you a greater degree of control over the project from start to finish.

3. Your Builder Doesn’t Inspect the Property

Oftentimes, the builder you put your trust in doesn’t do proper construction inspections and has a subcontractor for most of the work. When a third party gets involved, mistakes can be made, incorrect materials used and construction standards not met. In response, understand who will be doing the actual work when the project begins.

4. Open-Ended Contracts

What would happen if a job was completed incorrectly or below standard construction practices? How the project is executed, who has ownership of the work and how errors are handled should be clearly spelled out in your contract with the builder. Otherwise, there’s a strong chance that the builder will refuse to take responsibility for shoddy work.

5. You Only Look at Price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and this applies to your custom home. When you’re looking at builders, factoring in price alone without considering the quality of the work can lead to low-quality construction. Instead, interview multiple builders. As you go through this process, ask to see examples of their work and price points. Remember that once the builder’s work is done, you will be the one living in the home!

6. You Buy a Lot and Make Plans Without a Builder

Although you have an idea of your dream home features and want to get the project off the ground, it’s recommended that you work with a builder through every step. This way, someone with more construction expertise can address design issues, property concerns and help choose supplies before the real work begins.

7. No One Makes a Prototype

Never start building without a blueprint. At the design stage, you and the builder should draw up a prototype to ensure:

  • Doors are placed in the right spots and have room to open and close.
  • Venting and heating systems are properly routed.
  • The roof, foundation and drainage systems are configured correctly to prevent water damage.

If you’re dreaming of a custom home, trust the By Carrier difference. We work with precision and experience; our results speak for themselves! Our quality homes are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty. Considering an energy-smart home? Give us a call today to learn more.

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