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Choices, choices.  Nowadays, there are more choices for almost everything.  More than most people know how to deal with.  And when you’re talking about building or remodeling your home, the array of options out there can be overwhelming.  That’s why at By Carrier, we want to make those decisions as easy as possible, proving why we are the best choice to create your ultimate dream home.


First and foremost, you need to choose a company you can trust.   We have over fifty years of experience in this business, so we know our stuff.  And we’re a family owned business, so we pride ourselves on prioritizing those kinds of relationships.   We want to help you and your family build a home that satisfies every specification that you can imagine, from design and durability to innovation and sustainability.  We didn’t choose our name arbitrarily: we put our family name on it because we stand behind our product in every facet, and we’re as proud to continue the legacy our family business has generated as we are our own roots in the community.


Regardless of your goals, you need a team that is in sync with your final vision.  We have a diverse team of experts that can accommodate every home owner’s needs.  Having been in this business for so many decades, we have the expertise of experience.  Our senior team members have seen it all, and can make it work regardless of the difficulty or complexity of the job.  As our family has grown, so has our company, and our younger generations contribute the innovative and modern solutions and perspectives that come from fresh eyes.  Our company literally embodies the best of both worlds.


And just like when you visit the doctor, you want that board certification in plain view.  By Carrier is an active member of the National, State and Local Associations of Home Builders. Among the second generation includes the President of the Central Connecticut Home Builders & Remodelers, so we know all the ins and outs of code, regulations and compliance.  We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard, and will never skimp or cut corners.


Finances are also a huge issue when you’re talking about home building and renovation, as this is not something you want to cheap out on.  We are straightforward and upfront about our fees and the costs of renovation.  You need someone that will realistically work within you budget, and we have a team of preferred lenders that can simplify and streamline the whole process of appraisal, loans and mortgages, so we can actually make your dream home a reality … not just a pipe dream.


There is always a lot to think about when making big life decisions, and renovating or building your dream home definitely qualifies as one of those! It’s not something to be taken lightly, and By Carrier takes all the details of the process just as seriously as you do.  So don’t feel intimated. We’ve done this before, and we can do it with you.

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