It’s cold outside, but the inside of your home shouldn’t be. Yet, even modern, dual-pane windows with an energy-efficient glaze might still let air in, driving up your electricity bills.

Because you want to save your money and avoid dealing with the cold, insulating your windows this time of year is essential. Consider these strategies:

blog_windows1. Weather Sealing

This kit, made out of rubber, is available in most hardware stores and offers a simple solution for keeping the draft out. To use, cut strips from the material, peel them off, and stick them along the window’s frame to close any gaps. Home improvement experts further recommend caulking the inside and outside of the casing as an additional measure.

2. Insulation Film

Another kit option, this plastic shrink film should be applied to the indoor frame first with double-stick tape and then heated with a hair dryer. Doing so removes any wrinkles and allows it to stick directly to the window. Be aware that this method has a slight downside: During winter, your windows won’t be perfectly clear.

3. Cellular Shades

A more expensive option, this solution is custom cut to your home’s windows. Then, once applied, they insulate by creating multiple layers of air pockets and still allow light to come through.

4. Curtains

While more of an old-fashioned option, heavy curtains do the trick of keeping out the draft. If your home already had rods for drapes, consider adding a set made out of a thicker, layered material.

5. Draft Snakes

Although used for doors, draft snakes can also be applied to a window sill to prevent cold air from entering your home. To add, simply buy a pre-made one, or measure your window to create it yourself.

6. Install Storm Windows

Does your Connecticut home have older windows in place? Storm windows, while more expensive, improve your home’s energy efficiency and assist with blocking out the cold. In fact, adding this extra layer conserves as much energy as having dual-pane windows.

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