Winter, especially the conditions we see in Connecticut, takes a toll on your home. Spring, as a result, isn’t solely a time of rebirth but further of revitalizing your property.

SpringMaintenanceExterior and interior inspections reveal at a cursory level what has to be done, be it repairing cracks or getting the lawn ready.

Yet, out of all possible home maintenance projects, be sure to check these signs:

Gutters: These should be the first on your list. Although a straining chore to clean out all the debris, there’s a practical reason for maintaining your gutters: You want any water to drain away from the foundation. Be sure to look for a loose fit and leaks, remove any dirt and leaves that accumulated during the winter, and consider adding an extension.Yard Work: The leaves are gone and planting hasn’t started, but how your lawn’s designed influences where and how water flows during a storm. To do this, fill low areas and around the foundation with compacted soil. Too, because grass will be coming up soon, make sure all lawn mowers and equipment work; as a rule of thumb, tune it up after 25 hours of use.Along with these factors, consider how you’ll be watering grass and plants. You may have to repair and reset the irrigation system, but even for hose watering, check for and repair signs of freeze damage.The Roof and Chimney: Shingles become loose, and debris may build up inside your chimney, but this maintenance project is directly influenced by seasonal damage. The project may be minimal – a cleaning and a few repairs – or could turn into a full roof replacement.

Repairing the Exterior: Several factors come into play. With your windows, wash the glass, and then repair any exposed wood. The full exterior, as well, has attracted dirt and mold and likely developed stains during the winter, so pressure wash the siding, deck, sidewalk, driveway, and fence. Any deck wood, too, should be resealed to prevent attracting pests in spring.

Air Conditioning Unit: Modern homes often feature an exterior air conditioning unit. Once warmer weather rolls around, it’s recommended to have an HVAC technician service it. A cleaner unit has to work less, resulting in improved performance and lower cooling costs. After, be sure to schedule monthly filter checks on your own.

Even if you don’t have an exterior fixture, spring’s the time to reinstall the window unit. Aside from considering the optimal location, clean the air conditioner first.

After you’ve purchased a home, spring’s the prime opportunity for performing maintenance and getting your property ready for the seasons ahead. If you’re in Connecticut and considering a new home, learn more about By Carrier’s communities.

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