As a homeowner you need to protect your most important asset. A home is often the most expensive investment anyone will make and though you likely have homeowner’s insurance, it is important to do your part and have inspections don eon the home to ensure it is in great condition. Time, weather and other factors can take a toll on even the best built homes and if you are not proactive in inspecting the roof, siding, gutters and foundation you may be looking at costly repairs and in some cases full replacements.

It is important to remember that if you have not kept up with the maintenance on your roof, you could be denied an insurance claim since the adjuster will determine you could have prevented the damage with timely repairs. At By Carrier we want you to be safe in the custom home you bought so we offer tips on when to do home inspections.

Home builders will recommend scheduling home inspections twice a year; usually before winter and after spring. This will ensure your home is safe and has any weak areas taken care of before winter and summer when the weather can cause serious damage to a home. In Connecticut winters can be brutally cold and include heavy snowfall while summer coincides with hurricane season and also features high temperatures and humidity. Plan on a having a home inspector visiting sometime in November and again in May to check on the roof, siding, foundation and gutters. They should also check on other important areas of the home.

You should also contact a home inspector after a strong storm. Whether it’s a winter Nor’easter or category 3 hurricane, the damage from such a storm can result in serious damage to your roof and you will want to know as soon as possible if repairs will be necessary. Also contact a contractor who does inspections anytime you think something isn’t right. If you notice water flowing over the tops of clogged gutters, leaks coming through sections of the roof or water flooding the basement it is advised that you have the problem looked at immediately.


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