For years, when homeowners looked to improve the furnishings in their homes, they went with metal, aluminum and even plastic to create a modern look. However, recently the trend has been to return to solid, natural hardwood for chairs, sofa frames and tables. Homeowners grew tired of snap-together furniture that was cheaper but lacked character and had to be replaced every few years due to poor material quality. This furniture was ideal for temporary fill-ins but for people who have settled into a custom home that they want to stay in, genuine hardwood furniture is once again back in vogue.

At By Carrier we enjoy working with real hardwood and believe it is always the best choice for home furnishings. Here are a few ways to create the look you want in specific rooms by using authentic hardwood furniture.

Living Rooms: You want a living room to be a warm and welcoming place that friends and family can relax in. That’s hard to do with stainless steel and glass. However, with solid wood chairs, sofas and end tables finished in rich wood stains including mahogany, walnut and cherry you create an inviting room that can be accessorized with many different colors of couch cushions, chair upholstery and table décor. Wood and living rooms work great together and will give you the opportunity to select pieces based on the overall theme of your home.

Master Bedrooms: As with living rooms, your master bedroom should be a comfortable place you look forward to coming home to so you can relax. If the furniture is metal with glass table tops or aluminum you will get a cold feeling that isn’t conducive to what a bedroom should be. To create a bedroom environment that is warm and relaxing, consider genuine hardwood such as quarter-swan oak, maple and birch for your bed frames, chests, end tables and drawers. Again, when stained and finished in beautiful and rich colors you will be able to match your bedroom furniture with the wall paint, carpeting and accessories.

Dining Rooms: Even if you want your dining room to have a modern look, genuine hardwood furniture can still achieve it. Many are under the belief that wood means traditional and metals are modern. This is a fallacy and the more homeowners look for durable furniture with character that lasts, the more they turn to wood. Dining rooms furnished with solid wood dining tables, upholstered wood chairs and stained wood China cabinets create a beautiful look that is perfect for formal occasions and casual family meals.


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