Lighting is very important in establishing the mood of your home. From bedrooms and dining rooms to outdoor patios and front entrances, the lighting you choose illuminates the environment in a way that you feel comfortable with. There are many options when it comes to custom home lighting and if you want to get the lighting just right, you need to plan carefully.

At By Carrier we include custom lighting in all the homes we design and build and can offer some great advice on how to improve the indoor and outdoor lighting in your Connecticut home.

Consider the Mood: Don’t just put up lights to make a room or outdoor area brighter. In some cases you may want to have mood lighting that is dim and off-white to create a more romantic feel. Places such as decks off of master bedrooms and lounge areas near a pool can benefit from lighting that is not too bright but soft enough to make the mood more mellow.

Backlighting: One idea for improving the lighting inside a home is to take advantage of what is called back lighting. Instead of having overhead lights or lamps, install custom lights that are located behind furniture and appliances that illuminate the walls and ceilings in such a way that the room is lit up in a way that is less intrusive and more subtle. Backlighting works well in kitchens and living rooms and creates a softer mood that bright overhead lights.

Creative Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor living spaces can benefit a lot from creative lighting. Having in-ground lights that mark a walkway or strung –up lights that surround a dining area can greatly enhance the space and add unique charm. You can also use tiki torch lamps to surround a pool and illuminate a patio dining space. For a really unique effect, use real torches and fire pits to add bold and natural light to your outdoor space.


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