Working with a contractor is like working with anyone else; it takes the right balance to get it right. However, unlike a bakery cake or a well-made martini at your favorite bar, a new home is not something you can afford to make mistakes with. Before you break ground on a new custom home in Connecticut you need to be sure that the contractor you have hired is the right person for the job.

At By Carrier we take great pride in the service we provide. Here we offer some easy tips to help you find the right contractor for your new home.

Check References

Any contractor worth working with will have plenty of references to back up his work. Chances are you will be speaking to a few contractors so it is very important that you ask each one for recent references that you can check. If they don’t have any your best move is to keep looking. Unfortunately construction has many fly-by-night characters and if you don’t check references you could be stuck with a shoddy job and the bill already paid. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, if the contactor is half as good as he claims he’ll have no trouble backing it up.

Check Their Work

If you are having a custom home built than it is certainly in your best interest to inspect the work that has been done. Chances are your builder will be fairly local so it won’t be too much of stretch to spend a Saturday looking over recently built houses. Modular homes can be copied by anyone, but a custom home will include unique features that match the lifestyle of the owner and it is important to trust the contractor you hire will be able to deliver on your needs.

Meet & Greet

Before you make a final decision it is always a good idea to sit down in an informal setting to get to know the contractor better. You’ve seen the work and checked the references so you have a pretty good idea of their qualifications, now you need to know if you are comfortable with this person building your dream home. In this meeting you will be able to tell if you get along, if they listen to your ideas and if you feel confident they can deliver on your vision.


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