Housing prices may have dropped in your neighborhood, but there are smart ways to invest in your home right now to help hold its value.

Here are some simple ways to increase your property value:

  • Upgrade your heating and air conditioning systems – if your heating or air conditioning systems are old news one are much better providing savings on utility bills of as much as 80 percent.
  • Curb appeal – if your house doesn’t look appealing from the outside, chances are a potential buyer will never make it inside. A good first impression can add from five to 10 percent to the value of your home. Paving a driveway is one way to improve curb appeal.
  • Remodel your basement – basements can be easily transformed into rec rooms, bar rooms, media rooms or an extra bedroom or rental unit.
  • Landscaping – a good design can add significantly to your home’s value. Landscaping can include trimming tangled trees and unkempt bushes that obscure views, darken interiors and block a good look at the house.
  • Lighting – lighting, everything from a dimmer switch to sun tubes enhances a home’s appeal and creates a mood that increases your home’s value.
  • Add a home office – with more people teleworking, home offices are becoming increasingly valuable to buyer. Creating a dedicated work space adds value to your home and makes a telecommute tax deductible.

If you’d like to invest in a new home that comes with a high property value, check out By Carrier homes in lovely Connecticut communities, from Cheshire to East Lyme. By Carrier homes, located in quaint neighborhoods or semi-attached and attached luxury townhouses, offer customized open floor plans, granite kitchens and master bedroom suites. They are energy star efficient so you’ll enjoy a carefree and low maintenance lifestyle in a delightful community within close proximity to a major Connecticut city that provides an array of shopping, gourmet dining and entertainment.

Contact By Carrier to learn about custom built home options in Connecticut and stop by your preferred location to take a closer look. You’ll find distinctive luxury homes in upscale properties that are guaranteed to maintain a high property value.


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