Living rooms are places of comfort where families and friends can gather, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Having a living room in your custom Connecticut home that you are comfortable with is crucial to living the lifestyle you want. In time you may tire of the original living room in your home and want a change.

At By Carrier we specialize in designing and building custom homes that match the unique character of each individual owner. Here are some tips for planning a living room renovation.

Traditional or Contemporary: Before you make any design changes to your living room, give careful thought to the style you want. Living rooms can be designed to be classically traditional or ultra-modern and you want the room to seamlessly flow with the other rooms in the house. Sit down with some interior décor magazines or use your computer to browse sites that will give you fresh ideas on what it available when it comes to the style of living room you want.

Budget: While you are reviewing furniture, paint and flooring, make sure you have properly budgeted for the project. Many homeowner’s make the mistake of simply starting a project and designing on the fly. This can lead to very expensive mistakes and a result you are not happy with. Use a spreadsheet to list the items you wish to purchase, the cost and the time it will take to install. By being on-point with your finances you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Space: Living rooms should be open, comfortable and easy to move around. The more cramped a living room is, the less enjoyable it will be. When designing your living room renovation, keep in mind the need for open space and plan accordingly. Carefully measure the room specs and keep these dimensions in mind when shopping for tables, sofas and chairs.


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