Having a new custom home in Connecticut is a great feeling. Knowing you’ve had a new home custom designed and built to your exacting standards is a feeling not many homeowners experience. However, in time you may find that you want to renovate a bathroom, remodel a kitchen or add a unique outdoor living space. Home improvement projects are great for improving the look and feel of your home and at By Carrier we want you to be prepared for the task ahead. Here are a few tips to help you get started on home improvement.

Consult with Professionals

From remodeled kitchens to renovated bathrooms a lot can go wrong when you get involved with a home improvement project. Electrical outlets, wiring and plumbing are not areas you want to disturb so before you partake in any home improvement project, consult with a professional contractor. Even if you think it is a simple job it’s always best to check with a trained plumber or electrician to ensure you don’t tangle with something beyond your ability.

Budget Accordingly

Additions to kitchens, basement renovations and installing new sinks and bath tubs isn’t exactly cheap. Before you start any project take the time to sit down and figure out the costs. From materials and labor to design fees and cleanup there can be plenty of expenses involved in your home improvement project. You don’t want to half way completed only to discover you don’t have enough in the bank to finish.

Keep the Theme

Making changes to a room or outdoor living space will involve a transformation and it’s important to maintain the existing theme and décor of your home. Having one contemporary bathroom in an otherwise traditional home will look out of place and upset the balance. Give careful consideration to what you plan on doing and create design pin boards and blueprints to ensure your renovation or remodeling project fits in with the look of your home.


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