When summer comes to Connecticut, homeowner’s are all too eager to use their outdoor patios. After being cooped up all winter the feel of the warm sun on a nice summer day is enough to change anyone’s mood. Outdoor patios are great for entertaining friends and family and providing a relaxing place where you can relax and enjoy the nice weather.

At By Carrier we design custom homes that fit the unique character of each individual homeowner. Here are a few tips for opening up your outdoor patio.

Walkways: Depending on the space available in your backyard, you may have a pool or garden. A great idea is to install a stone or gravel walkway that will take someone from the patio to these destinations. You can accent a walkway with custom lighting, flowers and other décor that will make it a scenic and pleasurable stroll.

Lounge & Bars: Most patios simply have an outdoor table and chair set. While this is fine for the occasional outdoor dinner with the family, consider adding a lounge area with a bar for entertaining. By sectioning off a portion of your patio and constructing an elegant bar with chaise loungers, sofas and end tables you create a private and intimate setting that is perfect for cocktail parties and other occasions.

Fire Pits & Custom Grills: Other ideas for expanding the allure of your patio is to use custom designed fire pits and grills. Custom grills built into brick and stone look amazing and will create a unique look to your patio. When the sun goes down and the air gets a bit chilly, having a custom fire pit will not only keep you and your family warm but provide a visually stunning décor piece.


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