When it comes to landscaping the yard of your new home it makes sense to give it as much thought and consideration as you would decorating any room inside your house. The landscape is what everyone sees first and this sets the tone for what to expect when friends and family come to visit. The way you landscape also says a lot about your personality, character and lifestyle. Simply letting the grass grow and having a tree or two doesn’t require much thought and will leave your home looking bland.

At By Carrier we want your new home to be a reflection of who you are and offer some tips on how to landscape so it reflects your unique lifestyle.

Open or Hidden – Many homeowners choose between a clean and open look or one that is more secretive and hidden. If you prefer open space, then concentrate on how best to plant shrubs, flower beds and rock walls. Keeping things level will prevent any one area dominating another. However, if you prefer more privacy then you will want to consider the right trees and how to space each so you get a natural leaf cover that is clean and attractive.

Water Works – A great element to add to any traditional or contemporary landscape is water. From swimming pools and man-made ponds to fountains and bird baths, adding a water element to your landscape will bring new life to your yard. If you want to create an active outdoor scene then creating a man-made pond will lure birds and other animals to your property and make for a lively setting. Swimming pools and waterfalls are great for luxury homes and with the right lighting can create a mystical scene that shimmers in the evening.

Walls & Walkways – Stone masonry is a beautiful skill and if you want to add a special touch to your new home landscape consider having a stone wall built on the property or a stone walkway leading from the driveway to the front entrance. Stones can be found in a great selection of shapes and colors and when you find the right tones for your tastes you will have a rustic feature that can greatly improve the look of your home.


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