When you have purchased a new home, even a custom designed home, there will always be rooms that you want to improve upon. No matter how much time and planning went into the original designs, you can bet new ideas will catch your attention. It’s only natural to want to improve the interior design of your home and as your home gets older and needs repair work that is always a good time to make it an interior renovation project as well.

In fact, when bathrooms need new plumbing or kitchens require upgraded electrical work, use it as an opportunity to try a new color paint, add a sink vanity or center island, and try new ideas you have been thinking about.

At By Carrier we spend a lot of our time consulting with new homeowners so they get the most cost-effective and energy efficient designs possible. Here are a few tips to help get you started on interior design projects.


The first thing you need to do when planning interior design projects is prioritize. Instead of focusing on the rooms you simply want to upgrade, consider the rooms that actually need work done. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the rooms that will need repairs and renovations so it’s a good idea to start with these rooms. Remember, killing two birds with one stone is always best and if you can combine a renovation project with new interior designs, all the better.


Don’t feel the most expensive and complicated projects are the answer. In many cases, a few simple design changes can make all the difference. Sometimes a new color paint, some finishing on wood cabinets and better lighting fixtures will turn a drab room into a beautiful place to live and work. Major renovations are not cheap and there’s no reason to spend thousands when really a few hundred dollars can get the job done.


Never underestimate the power of color. If you are looking to improve the look of a kitchen, bathroom or basement, be careful in selecting colors that will match and not clash with your existing décor. Take time to consider the furniture, lighting and how the room flows into hallways and other room before selecting a color that will work. Today there are an amazing number of color shades to choose from and when you find the right one it can make a tremendous difference on the look of your home interior.


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