When we buy a home many of us swear it will be the only one we ever live in. However, circumstances and situations arise that force us to readjust our plans and in some cases look to put our custom home on the market.

At By Carrier we know all about the business of real estate and if you are planning long-term with a sale in the future there are some home improvement projects that can help raise the value of your home. You don’t have to completely renovate the home to add a few thousand dollars to the asking price, just the right additions to make it worth your while.

Here are a few ideas for increasing the value of your Connecticut home.

Have a Plan: Nothing looks worse than a home that has been renovated in a haphazard manner. Neighborhoods are littered with homes that look out of time and out of place because of the work that has been done. If your home reflects a traditional and antique feel steer clear of modern additions that may cost a lot but will make a buyer wary of wanting to look further. As experts say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and the best way to start is to work on a plan that takes into account changes you want to make over a span of time.

Curb Appeal: Most buyers make their decision even before they walk in the home. This means the impression they get from the exterior of the home counts a lot. An unkempt lawn, cracked walkway, peeling paint, sagging gutters and a pool that has become a dirty pond can turn buyers off in a hurry. Make exterior projects a priority and budget accordingly to make the adjustments you need to improve the look of your home. These don’t have to be expensive projects. But if you want to increase the appeal of your home do your best to make someone want to look beyond the front yard.

Remodel the Kitchen: Real estate experts agree, the home upgrade with the greatest return is the kitchen. Again, this doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking project that puts you in debt; sometimes a new coat of paint, the addition of a center island and the installation of stainless steel appliances can turn an old kitchen into a shiny new room that significantly improves the look of the home.


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