The whole point of having a custom home is to enjoy a dwelling that is designed for your unique lifestyle. From the bathrooms and the kitchen to the front entrance and basement, you want your home to meet your exacting standards so you can live the lifestyle that suits you. The same goes for outdoor living spaces and landscaping. If you have a new home in Connecticut and want to enjoy it to the fullest, it is important to take advantage of your outdoor space and create patios, decks and gardens that allow you to be comfortable in your environment. By Carrier, Connecticut’s leading new home builder offers some tips to help you get started on creating unique outdoor living spaces.

Know your Grounds – Before you start any landscaping project it helps to know the terrain. Some land will be harder to work with than others and spending some time walking your yard will give you a better idea of what you have. We all want nice soft grass but some areas may be rocky, wooded or even wetlands and it is important to identify the terrain before you make any plans.

Be Creative – The standard in-ground pool and patio is nothing unique. While nice to have you want to create an outdoor living space that reflects your character and lifestyle. Waterfalls, man-made ponds, custom lighted garden terraces and intricate stone work walls and patios will differentiate your backyard from everyone else’s. Also think about shrubs, trees and flowers that will add color and style to your space and give your yard a unique look.

Permits – Before you start an outdoor home improvement project, be sure to check with your town to make sure you have the right building permits. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking since they own the home they are free to do whatever they want but you may be required to have a permit or license to begin certain projects. Rather than face a stiff fine, do the research and check with your town about permits before starting.


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