Moving into a brand new custom home in Connecticut is a great feeling. Having a home designed to your exact standards and with the amenities you want is not something everyone gets to experience in their life. Even when you have followed all the design and construction tips to get your home just the way you want it you will still come upon areas that you will want to change.

From bathroom renovations and kitchen remodeling to creating outdoor living spaces and turning a basement into a game room, there are plenty of home improvement projects you may want to take on to make your custom home even more special.

At By Carrier we have years of experience in design and construction and want to offer our expertise so custom homeowners can make the changes they want to make their homes just right. In this section you’ll find helpful tips for starting renovation and remodeling projects, décor ideas for traditional and contemporary settings, ideas for home additions and how to make outdoor living spaces comfortable and convenient.

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