Buying a new home in Connecticut is an exciting time. The idea of finally own your own home is fulfilling part of the American dream and individuals and families that are ready to start new home construction on a custom home will be thrilled to finally achieve this milestone. However, buying a new home is a very important financial decision and because of this you need to be careful in how you proceed to avoid making common mistakes that can have serious consequences for a homeowner. At By Carrier we want everyone we work with to be 100% satisfied with their new custom home so we offer a few new home buyer tips to make the process easier.


Before you start getting into design details and amenities, the first thing to do when buying a new home is decide on the location. Connecticut has many scenic settings including the picturesque shoreline and rustic interior that different people will find appealing. It’s very important to choose your location wisely. Don’t just pick a spot because it looks nice. Plan ahead and think if this location will be ideal if you are planning on having children and raising your family. Learn about the school systems in the area and how convenient it is for your commute to work and to cultural and recreational attractions. Once you decide on the right location, the other important decisions start to fall into place.

Balancing the Costs

When you plan to have a new custom home built you need to think beyond the cost of the home. Obviously this will be the major focus of your financial planning but you also need to think about other costs including property taxes, insurance, utilities, lawn maintenance and upkeep. Granted your new home probably won’t need any repairs for quite some time but there are many other costs that need to be factored in when deciding what your budget can afford. And don’t forget the monthly mortgage payment if you have worked with a bank on a loan.

Realizing your Vision

When you’ve decided on the town and have figured out the costs the next step is to be involved in the design process. When you work with a custom home builder you get the opportunity to have a final say in the floor plan and aesthetic look of the home. This is very important since you need to have a clear vision so you can relay that idea to the people who will be building your new home. The more specific you are in the details of the new home, the easier it will be for contractor to make your vision come to life.


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