Deciding to build you own home is a very exciting time. Finally, after years of searching for the right place you’ve decided to design your very own home from the ground up so you can enjoy all the features and amenities you’ve always wanted. This process can be time consuming and will no doubt include its share of headaches but when you have a home builder you know and trust the benefits of building your own custom home will prove to make all the hard work worth it. Here are a few questions to help get you started when choosing a custom home builder.

Timeframe – When you start interviewing builders who will be responsible for designing and building your custom home, it is always a good idea to ask about their timeframe. At first things will be hard to determine since the location may not be secured, the materials haven’t been ordered and a contract hasn’t been signed so giving a time estimate on completion may be difficult. However, when the basics have been covered the contractor you select should be able to give you a timetable on when certain stages of the house will be completed.

Can I contribute ideas? – Though you are not a contractor that doesn’t mean you won’t have certain ideas you would like to see incorporated into the final product. When people get excited about adding their thoughts to a new home design, some are discouraged to learn that the contractor has a reason not to entertain these suggestions and may even seem to tune you out when you speak up. Look for a general contractor that will take your ideas seriously and if it’s not something that is feasible at least explain why and look for an alternative.

Licensed and Insured – This question should go without saying but you’d be surprised how many people hire a contractor without finding out if they are licensed to build in the state and that they have their own insurance. To avoid any hassles down the road and possible liability issues, always check that the contractor you are considering is licensed in the state you want your home to be and has insurance on their company and employees.


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