For years you have been carefully collecting clippings from magazines and saving links from websites that feature beautiful luxury homes. You’ve been doing this because one day you know you will break ground on your very own new luxury home and these images will serve as reference points for the vision you have for how you want your home to look.

However, what you imagine and what is possible can be two very different things. Viewing the mansions and beach front homes of the ultra-wealthy is fun but your budget may not allow for some of the features incorporated into the private homes of princes and kings. Still, coming to the table with ideas and images you want to explore is an important step in making your new home vision a reality.

The advantage you have when you build a new home is that you can sit down with the architect and builders to discuss your vision. You don’t need t be a general contractor or draftsmen to have ideas about how you want your new custom to look. The professionals will worry about how to make your ideas come to life, you just need to provide them with the thoughts you have for the home interior and exterior.

It’s a good idea to keep all your clippings and notes in a folder that you bring to a meeting with the architect and builder. Of course, finding builders and designers that you feel comfortable working with is also very important. If you work with contractors that are unresponsive to your ideas and seem to neglect what you feel is important you should consider seeking out someone else to help build your new home.

When you meet with the architect and builders keep an open mind. Remember, just because you saw a picture of a cascading waterfall splashing into an infinity pool doesn’t mean it can automatically be built on your property. Listen to the professionals when they discuss limitations and if something you desire is not possible, either due to your budget or the land find out how you can compromise to get something similar that you will be happy with.

Also, divide your new home wish list into two categories: wants and needs. While you may want an indoor elevator you need access to the second floor so carefully list what it is you can’t live without and what you would like to have but could live without if need be. The more open you are with a new home builder the better they can work with you to create a living space that will match your vision.


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