When you opt for new home construction you have the opportunity to create the home of your dreams. While there will be plenty of features and amenities you want to include that will make your home comfortable there is also the need to make your new home energy efficient. Energy costs won’t be going down anytime soon and if you want to keep your heating and cooling costs under control the best way is to start from scratch with energy efficient floor plans.

Today, the need to cut down on energy costs is more important than ever. For years many American homeowners lived as if there were no consequences for energy consumption. However, with a depleting ozone layer, higher fuel costs and limited natural resources the time has come for new home buyers to understand that the days of carelessness when it comes to energy are over.

Making an existing home energy smart takes a lot of remodeling and expensive re-designs. But when you start a new home from the ground up you have an excellent opportunity to work with the architect and home builders to design energy efficient floor plans that will conserve energy and make your home more comfortable while significantly cutting down on energy costs.

When discussing the floor plans for your new custom luxury home in Connecticut consider s few tips that will make your home energy efficient.

Programmable Thermostats – By installing programmable thermostats you can pre-set heating and cooling cycles to coincide when you will be at the home reducing the amount of energy that it spent when no one is home.

Energy Star Appliances – Energy Smart is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency and these appliances help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy.

Convert Boiler Units – Did you know that by converting your boiler from oil to 95% high efficiency natural gas units you can see immediate savings on energy bills? These units operate with a variable speed motor which only runs at the speed necessary to heat or cool for superior efficiency.


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