Finding luxury homes in Connecticut isn’t hard. With such wealthy towns as Greenwich, West Hartford and Darien, Connecticut has some of the wealthiest zip codes in the country. This means a lot of sprawling mansions and high end beachfront condos on the market for homebuyers. However, no matter how well built or luxurious a place may be, since it was designed by someone else and for someone else you may find certain areas lacking that will present a problem if you and your family were to buy it. Custom is the only way to go when it comes to luxury homes and at By Carrier we have years of experience designing and building luxury homes at many planned communities in the state that are tailor made to suit the lifestyle of the owners.

Luxury Defined

The beauty of luxury is that it is in the eye of the beholder. While some may picture three-story mansions with swimming pools and tennis courts others see a new home with energy efficient floor plans, first floor master suites and red oak hardwood flooring. When you plan to have a custom home built it’s time to define what luxury means to you and how By Carrier can take that idea and incorporate it into a stylish and cost-effective home. Whether it’s privacy, amenities or comfort By Carrier can help you plan a new luxury home that will live up to your exacting standards.

Privacy to call your own

As you get older you start to realize that the most important feature of any home is the privacy. Maybe you’ve spent years in crowded sub-divisions or cramped apartment complexes and now that the time has come to finally build your very own custom home you discover that privacy is the most valued asset you can have. The luxury of peace and quiet can’t be understated and when By Carrier designed planned communities in Connecticut is it done with this fact in mind so our custom homes can offer the privacy you want when you come home.


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