Custom homes are a great way to get the perfect dwelling for you and your family. Unlike existing homes that were built with someone else in mind, custom homes allow you to be involved in the design and planning so you can ensure your new home in Connecticut has all the features and amenities you need to suit your lifestyle. At By Carrier we have been designing and building custom homes since 1971 and have over 10 planned communities throughout the state that offer superior craftsmanship, energy efficient floor plans and scenic landscapes.

Your Vision

When you shop for new homes you need to know what to look for. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience since every home is different and it’s rare that you will find one tailor made to your specifications. With new construction custom homes, however, you are involved from the initial planning all the way through to the finished product which gives you the chance to incorporate your vision into the completed home. At By Carrier we enjoy working with all of our customer on an individual and personal level so we can learn what it is you want from a home and how best to deliver it. Like many new homeowners you’ve probably spent years renting and living in places that lacked the characteristics unique to your lifestyle. Now is your chance to start from scratch and get that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Our Commitment

When you work with By Carrier you not only get an expert home builder but a dedicated partner committed to seeing your home ideas become a reality. It’s not hard to build a home but it takes time and planning to create a custom home that will reflect your values and promote your lifestyle. By Carrier has custom homes for sale in several choice locations in Connecticut including The Orchards in East Lyme, Castle Heights in Cheshire, Autumn Estates in Farmington and Langdon’s Quarters in Unionville that offer the very best in construction, energy efficient floor plans and convenient access to high end shopping, dining and recreation.


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