Behind any great home is a well designed floor plan. This blueprint serves as the master plan for your custom home and in it will be the features and designs that will make your new Connecticut home the place you’ve always wanted to live. More than just a diagram for a home layout, custom home floor plans give you and the builders a chance to review and make changes to your home that will customize it to your exacting needs. By Carrier, one of Connecticut’s leading custom home builders, offer new homeowners a variety of floor plan options that will provide comfort, privacy and energy efficient living.

Custom Floor Plans

Unless you are an eccentric billionaire, most floor plans will be fairly similar. There’s only so many ways you can reasonably design a home and the basic are always going to be included. However, when you work with By Carrier you have the opportunity to consult with the architects and builders when customizing floor plans so get a home layout that takes into account your needs. From active adults who want first floor amenities and convenience to new families that want to make every accommodation they can for their children, By Carrier works closely with each client to ensure they get a custom home floor plan that fits in with the lifestyle.

Energy Efficient Floor Plans

Today it’s very important to have custom floor plans that are designed to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Heating and cooling costs are only going to increase and new home owners need to plan ahead so that their home is designed to keep cool and warm air inside where it belongs. By Carrier has taken the lead in planning custom floor plans that maximize energy efficient space designs so your home is comfortable and affordable.


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