If you’ve spent your life moving from one home to another in search of the perfect dwelling it’s time to start thinking about having a new custom home built. No matter where or how hard you search the new homes for sale that you will see are always designed by someone else and for someone else. These homes may have some of the amenities you desire but it’s rare you’ll find an existing home that has all the features you want in your home. Custom homes are the only way to ensure that you get everything you want and By Carrier is Connecticut’s leading custom home builder with award winning semi-custom homes located in many active adult and planned communities across the state.

Custom Benefits

There are plenty of existing homes on the market that will do just fine for you and your family. However, when you’ve reached a point in your life where other people’s designs and ideas just don’t cut it contact By Carrier and get started on planning a custom home in Connecticut that will include all the designs and amenities you require for living life to the fullest. When you work with By Carrier you get the advantage of working closely with architects, planners and contractors to see that your vision for a custom home is realized and includes features that will make living easier including first floor master bedrooms, wide foyer entries, solid wood customized cabinetry and second floor wood floor landings. When you have a say in the finished product you’ll be more confident and more comfortable in your new home.

Kitchens & Baths

Most homeowners will make their mark in the kitchen or the bathroom. These rooms are among the most used in any household and you want each to be designed with your needs in mind so eating and bathing can be relaxing experiences. By Carrier spends a good portion of any new custom design paying close attention to the details of the kitchen and baths including select granite countertops, recessed lighting, stainless steel sinks, pampering tile shower with dual shower heads and energy efficient Kohler faucets. This is also your chance to lend your input on what will make your custom home kitchen or bath even more convenient. We welcome suggestions and will do everything we can to make your custom home exactly the way you want it.

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