Where do you want to live today? Though a relatively small state, Connecticut has an abundance of residential real estate for tastes that range from the scenic shoreline to the wooded and rustic interiors of the greater Hartford area. Due to its close proximity to major urban centers including Boston and New York City, many people enjoy the unlimited cultural and recreational attractions afforded to Connecticut residents. From luxury beach front homes to custom built log cabins you can find just about every type of home in the counties of Connecticut and plenty of new home construction digging ground every day.

CT Homes for Sale

Finding new homes for sale is never easy. Sure, there are plenty of existing homes on the market but these dwellings we’re built for someone else and may lack the features and amenities you need to match your lifestyle. If the new homes an agent has been showing you are failing to excite you, maybe it is time to consider new home construction with a custom home from By Carrier. Since 1971, By Carrier has been designing and building custom homes for planned communities throughout Connecticut including Farmington, Plainville, East Lyme and Canton. With a host of HOBI awards to their credit, By Carrier is known for their excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and leading energy efficient designs.

Energy Efficient Homes

No matter where you choose to live in Connecticut, cutting down on energy costs will be important. From humid summers to frigid winters, Connecticut gets its fair share of extreme weather and new homeowners will want custom homes that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. By Carrier starts with energy efficient floor plans and adds well-known Energy Smart appliances to create an environment that is green and cost-effective. Saving money on heating and cooling costs can make a big difference on your budget and with By Carrier you can enjoy Connecticut real estate without worrying about costs.


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