Connecticut flagWith eight active communities across Connecticut, By Carrier knows a thing or two about this historic state! We have been an integral part of the area since 1971 and love Connecticut as our home. Here are some fun facts about the Nutmeg State.

General Information

  • Nickname: Constitution State
  • State Tree: White Oak
  • State Flower: Mountain Laurel
  • State Insect: Praying Mantis
  • Name of Residents: Nutmegger


Connecticut was the fifth state to join the United States, making it one of the original 13 colonies. Thomas Hooker, one of our colonial leaders, founded Connecticut at the city of Hartford in 1636.

It was named after the Native American word “Quinatucquet” which means “Beside the Long Tidal River” – the 360-mile-long Connecticut River!

CT Inventions

Many of the things you enjoy every day were invented right here in Connecticut! Here are just a few honorable mentions:

  • The Submarine (1776)
  • The Sewing Machine (1790)
  • The American English Dictionary (1806)
  • Anesthesia (1844)
  • Can Opener (1858)
  • The Hamburger (1900)
  • Lollipops (1908)
  • Helicopters (1939)
  • Polaroid (1948)
  • Wiffleball (1953)

Famous CT Residents

Some of the most talented celebrities of our day have been residents of Connecticut. Whether born, raised or moved here, these celebs have been a part of our communities:

  • John Mayer (Fairfield)
  • Mark Twain (Hartford)
  • George W. Bush (New Haven)
  • Benedict Arnold (Norwich)
  • Paul Newman (Westport)
  • Christopher Walken (Wilton)
  • Justin Long (Fairfield)
  • Tommy Hilfiger (Greenwich)
  • Keith Richards (Weston)
  • Joan Rivers (New Milford)

Popular CT Based Companies

Did you know Connecticut is home to some of the biggest companies in America? Here are a few names you might recognize:

  • PEZ (Orange)
  • ESPN (Bristol)
  • Sikorsky Aircraft (Stratford)
  • Cigna (Stratford)
  • WWE (Stamford)
  • Vineyard Vines (Stamford)

Additional Fast Facts

From trend-setting to historical moments and silly laws, Connecticut has seen a unique timeline of events:

  • Our state was first to set car speed limit laws in 1901. The fastest speed at the time was 12mph!
  • In Hartford, it’s illegal to cross the street by walking on your hands.
  • The oldest published newspaper in America is The Hartford Courant.
  • To be considered a pickle in Connecticut, it must bounce.

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