woman cleaning wall Brisk air, pumpkin spice lattes and beautiful foliage are all signs that autumn is here. While the weather is still warm, now is the time to perform important cleaning tasks, both inside and outside your home for the cooler seasons ahead.

Tips for Cleaning Outside

For all the fun summer brings, it can also leave its mark from heavy rain and extreme heat:

  • Give patio furniture a good cleaning and safely store it indoors for winter. Clear the lawn of children and pet toys.
  • Before the cold rain and snow arrive, clean your windows. While doing this, also look for drafts and other defects that may need repair.
  • To prevent damage to your roof and siding, spend an afternoon clearing your gutters and downspouts of any debris that can cause a clog.

Tips for Cleaning Inside

Humid summer weather can leave the inside of a home feeling hot, musty and uncomfortable. A good cleaning in decent weather will have your home fresh and ready for colder months:

  • Test and clean your smoke detectors. Change the batteries and clear away dust and debris that can cause a unit to malfunction.
  • Clean your carpets. After a long summer of beach trips and other outdoor travels, chances are your carpet has collected a fair amount of debris. Now is the best time to schedule a professional cleaning.
  • Prepare your winter linens. Take comforters and heavy blankets out of storage and perform a thorough cleaning that will have them ready for cold winter nights. This is also a good time to flip your mattress.

The sooner you get started on home cleaning for fall, the better prepared you’ll be when the cold season begins. To learn more about property management services for By Carrier homes contact us today!

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