fireplaceThe fall season is here and Daylight Saving Time has come to an end. Before getting cozy with a blanket and mug of cocoa, make sure you complete all necessary home maintenance before winter. With the weather getting colder and leaves falling, keep these tasks in mind when working on your home this fall.

Inspect Roof & Gutters

Now is the time to ensure your roof is free of cracks, holes and leaks. Any unaddressed issues can quickly become a major problem when winter arrives. Remove any branches or debris found on the roof left after the summer storms.

It’s common for leaves to get stuck in your home’s gutters during autumn. Clear them to prevent water from overflowing or clogs that can cause damage to the exterior or foundation.

Clean Fireplace

When cooler weather arrives, you’ll want to spend time by the fireplace. However, it’s important to have the chimney cleaned and inspected before lighting a fire. Creosote, a sticky debris found on the inside of chimney walls, can become flammable if not removed.

Cleaning your fireplace each fall can keep you and your family safe by preventing potential chimney fires. It’s best to hire a professional who knows the problems to look for and the appropriate solutions to ensure your safety.

Test Alarms

The arrival of fall is a great reminder to check the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Although you should test these systems once a month, you may only have to replace the batteries once or twice a year. This season, make sure you replace the batteries to make sure both are working properly.

Protect Pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst. Water that’s not drained from any outside pipes can freeze and expand, eventually leading to a pressure buildup and eventual rupture.

First, close the shut-off valves to outside faucets, then drain the lines. Also make sure that any faucets and pipes exposed to freezing temperatures are insulated. Taking these precautions can save you thousands of dollars on water damage repairs!

Store Patio Furniture

During fall and winter, you will likely spend less time outdoors. If you have any patio furniture, now is the time to clean and store it for next season. Leaving out furniture during the cold seasons can cause irreversible damage to the paint, structure or material.

If you do not have a shed or garage to store your patio furniture, invest in covers to keep your furniture safe from falling leaves, branches and eventual snow!
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