While everyone in Connecticut looks forward to summer, especially after a long and draining winter, the excitement is often tempered by that first utility bill. Energy costs aren’t getting any cheaper and our energy consumption isn’t getting any less, so something has to give when it comes to keeping energy bills low. Having a custom home that is designed with energy efficiency in mind is a great way to start on keeping your energy costs down. By Carrier is recognized as the leader in energy efficient new home designs and using Energy Star qualified appliances to give custom home owners an environment that is comfortable without being expensive. Here are some other ways you can help stay cool in the summer without driving up energy costs.

Have your A/C Unite Serviced – Homeowners need to remember to have the air filters of their A/C units changed regularly to ensure the unit works properly and doesn’t suffer from clogged filters. If the air filters are damaged the unit will be blowing room temperature air and this won’t provide any relief. Have a professional HVAC technician service you’re A/C unit at least once a year and try to schedule this visit prior to the hot summer months.

Use Hot Water Sparingly – Some people are addicted to hot showers and even when the temperature outside is sizzling will still crank the hot water. During the summer it is recommended that homeowners use less hot water to cut down on energy. It cost more to produce hot water rather than cold water and if you do need to take a hot shower try to limit the time you spend in the shower. You can also consider installing a tankless water heater that allows you to heat water only when needed.

Moderate the Thermostat – During the summer many homeowners have a tendency to crank the A/C when they are home and shut if off completely when they leave. These sudden rises and drops in energy consumption creates spikes that turn out to cost more money than if you left the thermostat at a comfortable and consistent temperature. An easier way to do this is by installing an automated and programmable thermostat that allows you to preset cooling cycles. This way you can have the home cool before you get home and therefore won’t have to turn the A/C way up to get the home to a comfortable temperature.

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