If you enjoy pool, ping pong, video games and a wet bar, a game room is the ideal space for these fun-filled activities to take place in your Connecticut home.

If you’re building a new home or redesigning your current home, here are some handy design tips for your Connecticut game room:

  • Game room space – Make sure your game room has the needed height for larger-sized games and make sure the games your order have at least 2” clearance space on each side so you can move them through a door or stairwell to get inside your game room.
  • Game electricity planning – Almost all games use the standard three-prong 110V electrical socket so make sure you have enough sockets with a high quality surge protector to prevent electrical damage from lightening, brownouts or electrical surges. For gamerooms with more than 10 games on the same circuit, a second electrical circuit breaker may be needed.
  • Temperature and humidity – make sure temperatures in your game room don’t fall below 10° or rise above 130° with the humidity under 90%. Extreme heat, cold or humidity over an extended period ban can be harmful to almost any arcade game.
  • Acoustics – consider putting acoustic tiles or sound-dampening wall panels in your game room to moderate noise.
  • Lighting –install lots of flexible task lighting like track lights to light your game room.
  • Seating – Ideal game room seating can be modular groups with onboard recliners but even if you keep a couple of beanbags in the corner make sure
  • Storage – avoid clutter with bookcase units with shelves for electronics and drawers to hide games. Use wicker baskets to store magazines and remote control devices.
  • Choose the games – get video games that satisfy a broad audience, from Call of Duty for hard core gamers to Rock Band for casual gamers.
  •  Don’t forget the fridge – Set up a home bar or get a small fridge to keep cool drinks in close proximity for everyone in the game room.
  • Flat screen – a TV in the game room is a must have, especially for sports lovers who can watch all the action while playing pool or foosball. Set the flat screen on the wall so it takes up less space.

When designing your game room, make it kid-centric so the entire family can enjoy it. Your game room will be the best place in the house for kids and adults to interact and laugh together.

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