Decorating your home in a contemporary style can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of sophistication.

Contemporary décor incorporates design trends from the second half of the 20th century. Contemporary homes are decorated with both neutral and bold colors. Furniture has softened and rounded lines, and the design incorporates open spaces and elements of nature.

Contemporary homes are generally decorated with brown, taupe, cream, and white. While you can use these colors as your background palette, incorporate color by painting a single wall or by using a unique rug or piece of artwork.

Furniture in a contemporary home has clean lines and smooth surfaces free of carving or adornment. Contemporary furniture is slim, but not dainty, and is typically constructed from light-colored wood, such as maple and birth, frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, nickel, and chrome.

Contemporary home design incorporates natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, linen, and cotton, for their texture and neutral colors. Use pillows or a rug or throw to add a touch of bold color or a geometric pattern to a room. Repeat an accent color in a variety of shades and textures to create a contemporary feel.

Lighting in a contemporary home incorporates floor and table lamps with straight lines and sleek metallic finishes, and a shade can add a touch of color. Consider recessed or track lighting to draw attention to artwork or accessories throughout the room.

Contemporary home design incorporates open floor plans and brings the outdoors inside. Allow lots of natural light into your home through large windows, and decorate with flowers or plants to accent your furniture and accessories.

Follow these contemporary design tips to create a unique home design that will provide years of comfort and enjoyment to your family and guests.

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