Anyone who has lived in Connecticut long enough knows that the recent spate of foul weather is just the beginning of a typical winter. In New England we regularly see snow storms followed by 50 degree weather the periods of rain before a week of below freezing temperatures set in. Unpredictable and messy, this type of weather can be a headache for a homeowner. Struggling to keep up with shoveling driveways and sidewalks as well as keeping the roof free of heavy snow can be a daunting task.

However, failing to maintain your gutters and roof during the winter can lead to many serious and costly repairs. At By Carrier we want you to be able to enjoy the winter season so we offer some tips for keeping roofs and gutters safe.

Remove Snow Quickly – When snow and ice pile up on a home roof or in the gutters it can cause weight problems. When Connecticut experiences Nor’easters it can lead to a foot of snow falling. If this snow is not removed in time it can cause weak roofs to sag under the weight. If the snow hardens and turns to ice in the cold weather following a snowfall it can cause blocks of ice to form in the gutters. When a home is blanketed in snow it’s very hard to tell if something needs repairing. Keep your roof and gutter clear to avoid problems.

Have an Emergency Tarp – Snow and rain can lead to leaks coming through your home ceiling. During blizzards and ice storms it can take awhile for a roofing contractor to get to your home and perform the necessary repair work. In the meantime, you can stem the damage caused by a hole in the roof by using a heavy duty polypropylene tarp to cover the leak. While tarps are not recommended for long-term use, it can help provide a necessary deterrent until professional help can arrive.

Keep Gutters Clear – Ice dams are frequent this time of year and if your home’s gutters are not clean it can mean problems for draining water properly. If you have not cleaned your gutters in six months it is imperative that you contact a professional gutter clear and have all of the dead leaves, twigs and debris safely removed. Clogs in a gutter will cause water to pool and in low temperatures this water will then freeze, forming a solid block of ice that will keep water from draining. The cleaner your gutter system the less chance of clogs and dams occurring.

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