Why Are Millennials Renting vs. Buying Homes?

According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, homeownership in Connecticut was 66.1 percent in 2017. Yet, only 14 percent of these homeowners were younger than 35. Unfortunately, millennials face more barriers to homeownership than older generations. Why do more young people choose to rent versus buy a home? Factors Affecting Homeownership According to Urban…

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Millennials Continue to Fuel Homeownership Growth

According to a recent survey by the Census Bureau, homeownership rates experienced their first rise in 17 years. While levels aren’t quite on par with figures before the Great Recession, data indicates that national homeownership has reached 63.9 percent. Its last high point was 69 percent in 2004. Differences in Homeownership Growth across regions and…

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2018 Housing Market Trends

Industry experts have declared that instability created by the Great Recession and housing market crash of the late 2000s is now behind us. With more job openings and millennials making big career moves, the only place to go in 2018 is forward. The biggest, most pervasive trend kicking off the new year is a truly…

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Homeownership Correlates with Financial Well-Being

It’s cliché to say that money can’t buy happiness. Yet, as a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) survey indicates, having the financial stability to easily afford a home can improve your well-being. Details of the Study The “National Financial Well-Being Survey” looked at adults nationwide to measure their satisfaction and stability. It examined their characteristics…

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Study Identifies the Best College Majors for Homeownership

At a time when the value of a college degree is highly debated and homeownership continues to decline, a Realtor.com study examined which majors have more potential to help you put a down payment on a home. About the Study Researchers looked at 336 college degrees and how much a recent graduate earns early on…

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